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Excluded Instruments settings

As some Investors may have objections to investing in certain companies due to religious, moral, ethical, green or other reasons, we have given them the ability to exclude certain instruments from being purchased in their account.

And if you don't know what instruments means, it's just a fancy word for the tradable assets that you can buy or sell on the platform (ie. shares and ETF's).

If you're buying individual shares it's difficult to buy something you don't want to, but should you buy a basket / bundle of shares on the platform, which happens to contain an instrument you don't want to purchase (for one of the reasons above), adding it to your Excluded Instruments settings will ensure it's always removed from / excluded from any purchase you may make.

To add an instrument, all you do is the following:

1. Select the 'Account preferences' option from the menu on the Red profile icon in the top-right of the page, as in the image below.

2. Click on the Add button as highlighted in yellow in the image below.

 Clicking on the Add button will open up the screen to display an Instrument search panel as in the image below.

3. Type the name of the company / instrument that you wish to exclude from your future purchases into the Instrument Search cell. 

As you type, the site will perform a realtime search and auto-complete (like Google search does) of all the instruments on the site that match your search - as displayed for search term "Anglo" in the image below.

4. One you see the name of the instrument you'd like to exclude, click on it. This will choose it as the instrument you wish to exclude.

5. Now you need to indicate to the system, whether you'd like to:

  1. Exclude it permanently from future purchases by clicking on the Always exclude radio button, OR
  2. Exclude if for a set period of time by choosing a start and an end date.

6. To complete the action, you MUST click on the "Save" button below and to the bottom-right of the page. That button looks like this 

  • You can add more than one Excluded instrument to your settings by repeating the process above.
  • Completing this action will ensure that all instruments added will be excluded from all future purchases in your account on the platform for the length of time set or permanently, depending on your choice.
  • You can edit your selection at any time by accessing the "Settings" page from the menu options and then adding to or deleting from the list or changing the length of time the exclusion will apply.

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