When EasyEquities pays a dividend to an Investors, the funds are paid into the Investors available funds (free cash) from where they can reinvest it or withdraw it to their bank account.

When the dividends are paid, there are 3 separate line items that will appear in the transaction history as follows:

1. The Dividend relating to the whole shares the client holds - which has the description "Dividend Company name @ dividend per share value"

2. The Dividend relating to the fractional shares they hold - which has the description "Manufactured Dividend Company Name @ dividend per share value"

3. The Dividend Withholding tax relating to dividend paid on wholes shares (per 1. above) and charged at the rate specified by SARS - see SARS Dividend Tax page

An example of what the transactions will look like on the EasyEquities Platform are shown in the image below which shows two separate dividend payments to an Investor for 2 different shareholdings of Brait and Peregrine.

A table explaining how the dividends and Dividends Withholding tax were calculated to make up the 3 dividend line items explained in the article above is shown below.


No. of shares heldDividend per shareTotal Dividend Paid
BraitWhole Shares0 1.36270.00

Fractional Shares 0.1981361.36270.27

Dividend Withholding tax on whole shares - calculated as 0 x 0.20% = 0

PeregrineWhole Shares2 1.553.1

Fractional Shares 0.2064521.550.32

Dividend Withholding tax on whole shares - calculated as 3.1 x 0.20% = 0.62

Should you wish to see what dividends have been paid to you over a period of time, the best way is to run a report over the date range required, download the report to excel and then sort / filter to get all the line items that are dividend related. To run a report - please see this FAQ article HERE


Dividend Withholding tax is only paid on whole shares and as no whole shares were held in Brait, the value of the line item for whole shares was zero and the Dividend Withholding tax was zero.