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Why should I consider buying a Bundle?

Sometimes it’s nice not to have to make every. single. decision. Imagine you could count on an expert or someone you think has the smarts to swoop in and pick out a selection of shares which you can invest in in one simple transaction? Enter Bundles.

So all you do is pick a bundle that best suits your needs (Risk vs. Return), invest in it and then, chillax.

While you take it Easy… Your bundle creator will decide on the makeup of your portfolio, and whether the weightings need to be re-adjusted to keep the risk vs reward balance in check. There’s a small bundle fee which goes to the creator for their skill and because bundles are a bulk transaction, you’ll only be invoiced once for your buy. If there's anything you don't want to include in your bundle, you can exclude it (temporarily or always) in your excluded instruments setting.

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