What is Investsure?

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Investsure is an investment fraud insurance that offers protection to investors to any fraud or misleading information provided by the company that may affect the share price of a company negatively, resulting in a drastic drop in share price.

How much does it cost? 

Investsure costs 0.56% of the value of your purchase. This translates to a cost of 56 cents for every 100 rand you invest.

Share price changes do not affect your cover should the price go up. If this is the case you will receive the same additional protection at no additional cost.

For example:

If you initially insured R100 worth of a particular share and that share price increases to R150, you will be covered for the full R150 amount at no extra cost.

How long does Investsure cover me for? 

Investsure covers you for 12 months. 

What is covered by Investsure and what isn't? 

The Investsure product is designed specifically to protect investors from the negative effects of information around management fraud coming to light in companies in which they made investments in good faith. It does not cover losses due to, macro or micro economic factors, political risks or any general business risk such as failure to execute a business plan, meet estimates/projections or market expectations. Directors and their immediate family who hold shares in the company in which they are directors do not qualify for the cover. 

How might Investsure impact my returns? 

The product is priced as cheaply as possible in order not to influence your returns severely if no event occurs. The fee, together with EasyEquities brokerage, is still cheaper than most traditional brokerage fees, but provides a tangible benefit and protection you won't be able to find anywhere else. 

What happens if I sell shares I had bought Investsure for?

If you sell all your shares then a refund will be calculated and paid into your EasyEquities account by the end of the day. See Refunds, Renewals and Cancellations for more. 

Can I insure investments other than the Top 100 JSE listed shares? 

Investsure covers 300 of the top US stocks and the Top 120 JSE listed shares.

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