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How different is Investment Fraud Insurance from normal insurance?

Investment Fraud Insurance is an insurance product; however it covers a previously uninsured asset of great importance - your shares. We are however doing things very differently:

Easy Claims

1. There is no need to fill in any forms or submit any documentation. EasyEquities have partnered with InvestSure to provide you with an easy way of insuring your shares.
2. You don’t have to go through a process to claim, all information is exchanged directly between EasyEquities and Investsure making claims easier than ever before. We’ll also pay your claim directly into your EasyEquities account.
3. You do not have to prove your claim to qualify, everything is done on your behalf automatically.


1. We list all claim events on a public News Board hosted on a website.
2. We let all our clients know if an event affects a share they've invested in and insured. Yes we actually let you know when you can claim!
3. The value your claim is easy to calculate and depends on the Trigger Price and the value you sell the shares for; we pay the claim immediately into your trading account!

Low Price

1. We want to provide protection to clients when they need it, without significantly impacting their returns when they don't. We have therefore made sure to keep the price of the product as cheap as possible.

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