What is a share price trigger and why does it exist?

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Investment Fraud Insurance was designed to protect you as a shareholder from severe shocks to the share price which may cause you to lose significant value in your investments in a short period of time.

The share price trigger indicates to us when there was a news event which falls within the scope of the policy which has caused significant damages to shareholders. The Share price trigger is also used as a reference point to pay claims. Once the share price trigger is met, this price at which the trigger was met is used as a reference price for paying claims see the article on claims here.

In summary, the triggers that determine whether your Investsure policy will pay out are: 

1. Allegations of wrongdoing by directors surface via multiple reputable sources

2. The share price moves more than 10% down from the Opening Price on the News Date or the day after.

What happens when the share price trigger is met? 

If you choose to sell your shares as a result of the management fraud, you will be paid out a claim (If there is a claim amount due to you - see Claims section).

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