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How is the claim calculated?

The Trigger Price is the closing share price on the day before the news was published, less 10%.

The difference between the Trigger Price and the price at which you sold your share (Cannot be lower than 30% of the closing share price on the day before the news, i.e. the limit) = Claimable loss per share.

Multiply this by the number of shares = Investment Fraud Insurance claim.

For example if you had 1 share worth R200 the morning the news broke and the share price dropped to R120 due to the market reaction to the news of management dishonesty.

1. The trigger is met when the share price drops below R180 per share (10% drop)
2. Therefore if you sell your share at any point in the next 30 days we pay the claim.
3. Your claim would be calculated as: R180 less R120 = R60 per share.

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