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Investsure premium refund & calculations 

A refund will be calculated when you sell shares that you had insured, unless your sale resulted in you being paid a claim. Any refunds due will be paid into your EasyEquities account. 

How is the refund calculated? 

Refunds are calculated on a pro rata basis when shares are sold, and paid into the clients' EasyEquities account. Therefore if you bought and insured 100 shares in company ABC at R100 per share on 1 January and sold all those shares at the same price on 30 June; you would be entitled to a refund of 50% of the premium paid, as long as the sale did not result in your receiving a claim. If a claim is paid to you, no premium refund will be paid to you for those shares on which a claim has been paid. 

How do I cancel Investsure? 

You can cancel by choosing the “Cancel Policy” on the Investsure Refund. Upon cancellation, for the period you’ve had the product, the refund will be paid into your EasyEquities account. 

How do I renew Investsure? 

Investsure is only valid for 12 months. You will receive an email, a month before expiry, to give you the option to renew your Investsure for another 12 Month Period. You can also set-up an automated 12 month renewal. Renewal notice & amount payable will be sent to you via email once your Investsure is due for renewal.

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