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Why is my recent bundle purchase showing no value?

We are currently experiencing a slight issue with the purchase of bundles that is delaying the transaction from being concluded.

Please rest assured our IT department is aware of the issue and is working round the clock to fix it. 

Until it's resolved, you can still go through the bundle purchase process as you would ordinarily by:

- Picking the desired bundle

- Entering the value you want to invest in that bundle

- Confirming your investment (the page on which you see the fees related to the transaction)

- Clicking "Invest Now" which will present you with a "Congratulations" page

The bundle you have purchased will now appear in your account overview, but as the transaction has not been concluded, the bundle will show with a value of zero, as shown in the image below.

As soon as we have fixed the issue, the bundle transaction will be concluded and the value of the bundle displayed correctly on your Account Overview screen.

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