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How do I ensure EasyEquity emails make it to my Primary folder in Gmail rather than my promotions folder?

We all know that creating future wealth should be far more important that most other endeavours, so receiving a promotional email from your favourite investment platform is not something you want buried in mountains of other promotional emails. So how do you fix it.

Well the great news is it's not very difficult at all.

You may have noticed that if you’re using Gmail Tabs (eg. Primary / Social / Promotions) in your Gmail inbox, EasyEquities emails will often arrive in the Promotions tab by default. 

You can adjust Gmail Tabs settings to deliver an email newsletter to the primary tab in a few easy steps

1. Find an EasyEquities email that is in your Promotion tab / folder.

2. Click on it and hold the click while you drag that email over the Primary Tab and drop it there.

3. This should cause an orangey-yellow dialogue box to come up in the middle of the screen saying:

"The conversation has been moved to "Primary". Undo

Do this for future messages from Yes

4. Click on the underlined word Yes at the end of the second sentence and all future emails from that address will go to

your Primary rather than your Promotions tab.

5. We also send some of our more automated and often important emails (eg. trade confirmations, password resets,

voucher confirmations) from our address. If you ever notice those emails going into the Promotions tab, then just repeat the same process with an email from that address and confirm that you want all future messages tobe handled in the same way.

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