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What is the Thrive50?

The Thrive50 is a dynamic (it can change from time to time) selection of the:

> 25 most popular shares bought across our EasyEquities ZAR-based (Rand) accounts (EasyEquities ZAR and TFSA)

> 25 most popular shares bought in our EasyEquities USD account

How do I know which shares are included?

There are two ways you can find Thrive50 shares on the platform.

1. Utilise the Thrive50 category tag

This it the quickest and most effective way to have a look at what shares within the Thrive50 are available to you from within a certain account (e.g. EasyEquities ZAR vs TFSA vs EasyEquities USD).

You are hopefully already familiar with the operation of the categories on the platform to help you to zone in on a smaller selection of shares you're interested in. These categories usually define groups of shares against the sectors in which they operate.

We have added a new Thrive50 category tag to the existing tags so you can quickly view the shares that belong to the Thrive50.

To do so, ensure you are operating out of the desired account, which you can do by selecting it from the account ribbon that runs horizontally across the top of the screen. 

Once you've selected the correct account, you can then select the Thrive50 category tag, which will now reduce the universe of shares below it to just those shares that are part of the Thrive50 that are available in that account.

Please keep firmly in mind that certain shares are only available in certain accounts. So don't be alarmed if you use the Thrive50 category tag while operating in your TFSA account and you only find seven Thrive50 shares available.

For example, you can only purchase Rand-based Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in a TFSA account, so despite Naspers and Discovery being part of the Thrive50, you will not be able to see nor buy those shares in your TFSA account.

Similarly, should you wish to buy one of the 25 USD shares that form part of the Thrive50 (e.g. Apple, Amazon, Google, Netflix), you will only be able to purchase those shares within your EasyEquities USD account, which will therefore require you to fund your EasyEquities USD account with dollars by either using our EasyFX solution, or transferring dollars into our Citibank account.

2. Look for the little firecracker icon

We have created a little firecracker icon as a device to indicate that a share belongs to the Thrive50.

The little firecracker icon will be displayed in the top-left corner of the logos of all Thrive50 shares.

At the time of the launch of our Thrive program (5 September 2018), the constituents of the Thrive50 are all shown in the image below.

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