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What is the Thrive Brokerage Benefit?

The Thrive Brokerage Benefit is effectively the reward a Thrivalist gets for completing the monthly Thrive Activities and meeting the Qualifying Criteria.

The Qualifying Criteria also requires the Thrivalist to continually own at least one (1) whole Purple Group share (i.e. not a fraction).

The Thrive Brokerage Benefit reward takes the form of the complete reduction in the usual brokerage / commission ( 0.25% or 25 basis points) charged against the purchase or sale of a select number of 50 shares on the platform.

This 'group' of 50 shares will be defined by EasyEquities and always referred to as the Thrive50.

Where will I see my benefit?

At the point at which you buy / sell a Thrive50 share, when the platform displays the costs associated with the trade (as it always does), it will show the usual brokerage / commission charge for the transaction, together with a negative amount to clearly indicate the Thrive Brokerage Benefit offset against the charge.

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