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What is a Member vs a Thrivalist?


To become a Member of Thrive, all you must do is be an EasyEquities account holder.

In other words, both existing EasyEquities clients at the time of launch, as well as new clients continuously joining the site, immediately qualify as Members of Thrive by becoming an EasyEquities account holder.


In order to enjoy the Thrive Brokerage Benefit however, the Thrive Member will need to become a Thrivalist.

In order to become a Thrivalist, the member must meet the Qualifying Criteria which is to:

1. Own a minimum of one whole Purple Group (PPE) share, and

2. Have completed the Thrive Activity in the previous calendar month

Maintaining the status

Once a Thrive member has become a Thrivalist, he / she will need to maintain that Thrivalist status on a month by month basis by continually meeting the Qualifying Criteria, or risk dropping off. 

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