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Trading Confirmations. Have I been hacked?

Shares and ETFs, they come and they go. 

Your DEMO account is an amazing place where you can practice those all-important investment skills. It is important to remember that when you use the DEMO account, it does not exactly mimic the LIVE environment. For instance, you do not receive interest on the account or dividends and corporate actions do not take place in the DEMO account as it would in your normal ZAR or TFSA account. 

Sometimes, we do a little housekeeping. In order for us to keep the account as close as possible to the real thing, we need to effectively "sell" any shares that are no longer trading on the JSE, or, remove any shares that may have undergone a name change. 

The action of selling and buying any share, whether in your DEMO or live accounts, will produce an electronic invoice. As the investor, you will receive an invoice from us. Please don't panic. We are just cleaning out the old shares or ETF's from your account. 

Two big differences you will see on the invoice:

1. The account will say DEMO ZAR 

2. The trader will be the person that traded on your behalf. Don't panic, Brad Kaplan is part of the team here at EasyEquities.

If you do feel that your security has been breached, you can call us immediately on 087 940 6000 and we will assist you as quickly as possible. 

Happy Investing! 

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