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We've made it easier than ever to buy the shares and ETFs you like. All you need to do is select the Invest Now page and then browse the market. From there you can enter the value you would like to purchase and then confirm the costs and continue to make your purchase.

For a step by step guide, check out the article here.

Some tips to make sure your transaction happens without a hitch.

  • If you wish to buy anything outside of market hours, this will create a buy instruction and your transaction will take place when the market opens up again. Take a read through this article here for more information on instructions and this article here for the market hours of each account.
  • EasyEquities allows you to buy shares for any amount regardless of the share price because of the Fractional Share Rights you can purchase in a share through EasyEquities.
  • You can only place Market Orders on EasyEquities. This means you'll get the best price in the market at the time of the transaction and cannot stipulate the price you would like to pay.

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