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What costs or fees am I charged for using EasyEquities?

On EasyEquities, we do not charge any of the usual fees associated with using a technology platform. (e.g., membership, subscription etc.)

There are however unavoidable transaction fees charged when buying and selling securities and these will always be charged no matter where you choose to buy shares.

For your convenience, a full profile of all costs / fees charged by EasyEquities is available at HERE

Please note however, that despite the need to pass some of these costs / fees on to our Investors, just one of the things that differentiates EasyEquities from other platforms is our low transaction fees. 

To make sure your profits are maximized, we’ve devised clever and innovative ways to keep those fees as low as possible – making us the most affordable option on the market, and we'll continue to innovate to ensure that's the case.

Before you complete a specific transaction, we will provide you with a detailed description of the fees that will be charged against that transaction.

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