EasyEquities Investors can now access three different views of their account (see image below), by clicking on the different tabs available immediately under the account overview heading on the account overview** page.

An explanation of what these different views offer is detailed below:


1. Account Value View
The Total Account Value displayed in white numbers in the centre of the red ‘block’, is the total value (in Rands) of that particular account at that point in time.

This Total Account Value is calculated by adding the Holdings Value to the Available Funds
The Holdings Value is the total Rand value of all the different securities (shares and ETF’s) an Investor owns within that particular Investor account. For example, if an Investor added the Current Value of all the different individual securities they held at a specific time, this would give them the Total Account Value.
The Available Funds figure is the Rand value of the money an Investor has deposited into their account that has not yet been invested in any securities.

Just below the red ‘block’, both the previous days Account Value and the current Account Value are displayed to give Investors an indication of any change.

The Daily Move figures (value and percentage) displayed in the small block alongside, give Investors a quick and clear view of the growth (Profit) or decline (Loss) in Holdings Value since the day before.

The Daily Value Move is simply Today's Holdings Value - Yesterday's Holdings Value

Using the figures in the image above R972.46 - R961.52 = R10.94 

The Daily % Move is simply the Daily Value Move divided by Yesterday's Holding Value

Again using the figures in the image above R10.94 / R961.52 = 1.14%

2. Profit/Loss View
The Total Profit / Loss displayed in white numbers in the centre of the red ‘block’ in this particular account view is a measure of the growth (profit) or decline (loss) in the value of all the securities an Investor has purchased since they made their first trade on the EasyEquities platform (inception).

This Profit/Loss figure includes both realised (on securities the Investor has already sold) and unrealised (on securities the Investor still owns and holds in their portfolio) profits or losses.

Below the main Profit / Loss figure, all Profit / Loss details related to a clients Current Holdings (Ie. all the instruments an Investor owns at that point in time) are displayed. This is broken down into three parts as follows:
  1. P/L before costs - the profit / loss an Investor has made on all the instruments they hold at that time
  2. Costs - all the costs involved in buying / acquiring those instruments he / she hold
  3. P/L after costs - the sum of the two figures above

Alongside this P/L after costs figure, the following figures are displayed:
  • Current Holdings % Move is calculated by dividing the P/L Before Costs by the sum of the Purchase Value of all the instruments that an Investor is holding in their account at that time.
  • Daily Percentage Move – is the same figure displayed in the Account Value View - see calculation explanation in the Account Value View section above.

3. Costs View
The Total Costs figure displayed in white numbers in the centre of the red ‘block’ in this account view, is the total of all the costs charged to the Investor for all of the transactions they made since making their first purchase on the EasyEquities platform.

Just below the red ‘block’, we split that Total Costs figure into Statutory and Brokerage costs to give you a completely transparent view of our cost structure.

Remember, you won’t find a cheaper place to invest. For a full explanation of the transaction costs charged on the EasyEquities platform, look at our knowledgebase post here

NOTES: **This account overview page appears in the same format for all three typical EasyEquities user account types (eg.; Easy Equities, TFSA, Demo)