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Fund deposit by credit card

Depositing funds by Credit card is one of 3 different methods offered on the EasyEquities platform.

For details on the other deposit methods available (EFT and SID instant EFT), as well how you can access the Deposit page on the platform - please click on the link HERE

Once you've arrived at the 'Deposit funds page' - accessible directly via THIS link - please follow the steps below to complete your Credit card deposit:

  1. You will be greeted with the 3 payment options available with EFT selected as the default option (see image below):

  2. The 'deposit amount' cell (top left in the image above) is a fantastic tool that gives EasyEquities Investors the opportunity to see the exact Rand value of the costs that will be charged on their deposit.

    By entering in the amount they wish to deposit and clicking on the refresh button to the far right of the cell, the table will then automatically populate itself with the deposit amount and show the fixed charge and percentage charge associated with the deposit transaction.

    In the example above, you can see that on a deposit amount of R1,000, an Investor would be charged an amount of R24.60 to deposit an amount of R1,000 using the Credit card method of deposit.

  3. In order to select the Credit card option of deposit, you can either:
    1. Click on the empty circle (radio button) to the left of 'credit card' under the 'choose a payment method to fund your account' text (top right in the image above), or
    2. Click anywhere on the middle Credit card column in the comparison table. Hovering over the column will frame it in black before you actually click on it, which will then select it and change the frame colour to red.

  4. Once the Credit card option has been selected, the rest of the page below the comparison table will change automatically to display the typical Credit card fields (seen below) required in order to process a Credit card transaction.

    • Enter your Credit card details into the required fields and once complete, click on the 'Deposit Into EasyEquities' button on the right of the screen.

    • If the transaction is successful, you will be returned to the 'account overview' screen and you will see a confirmation message stating that 'You have successfully deposited Rx into your EasyEquities account, as in the image below.

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