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I've opened an EasyEquities account, where do I start?

Welcome to EasyEquities and congratulations on choosing to Invest on the Easiest and least expensive platform on the market.

Registering is just the very first step on your Investment journey and while we believe that Investing on the stock market is not nearly as difficult as many Asset Managers and Investment Advisers would have you believe, there is still a lot to know and it can be a daunting prospect.

Our mission at EasyEquities is not just to provide you with an intuitive platform that is easy-on-the-wallet, but maybe more importantly to provide you with a wealth of relevant information to help you on your Investment journey.

Just some of the fantastic informational / educational tools we have to help you make that start include:

1. A fantastic Youtube channel channel containing a great set of videos on everything from "How to buy shares" to "What is a Tax-free Savings account" and many topics in between.

2. A "Research" page on the site which you can access from the Learn menu (as in the image below), which has a wealth of information rich articles and research, details on how to access our EasyEquities blog, how to access Google Finance when buying or selling a share as well as how to follow our Twitter and Facebook profiles.

3. The FAQ / Knowledge base  section of the site you are currently reading this article in is also filled with helpful information on how to use the website and what to do should you get stuck.

We constantly update our articles to improve them and make them more helpful so if you don't find a solution at all, find a post that is missing information or with an explanation that isn't good enough, please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.

It runs on a robust search engine, so if you have a topic you'd like information on, you just type it into the search bar and like magic it will recommend solutions that should solve your issue. It's also there 24/7, 7 days a week.

4. Our EasyEquities blog - which you can access here -  

We are continually publishing new blog posts explaining a variety of Investment topics that will help you on your journey. To receive an email with each new blog post, all you need to do is add your name to the mailing list by submitting your email address in this block (see image below) on the blog home page

5. We published a campaign for the Satrix Top 40 ETF which is definitely worth taking a look at as a start. 

Finally, there are a wealth of very good resources available on the internet which you can find via Google search. Just some of the useful tools available out there are:

1. Investopedia - the Investment equivalent of Wikipedia. You should be able to find information on most things regarding Investments here.

2. On the local front:

a. Moneyweb - a South African site covering all things savings and Investment in South Africa and further afield.

b. Maya on Money - this site houses a collection of articles written by finance journalist Maya Fisher-French as well as other contributors. The aim of Maya on Money is to help you with those day-to-day money decisions related to South African finance matters, including Investing.

c. Biznews - a South African business news website with a section covering various elements of investment.

If you come across any good resources that you feel we should point out to our Investors, please let us know so we can investigate them and bring them to the attention of our Investors.

Good luck and happy investing.

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