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What is Thrive?

Thrive is quite simply, our EasyEquities loyalty program.

"Why are you doing it?", we hear you ask.

Well, our dream is to democratise investing and empower financial freedom for all. 

After a lot of time and thought, we decided that a few key elements that will help us do that, are by:

1. Reducing the cost of investment,

2. Educating our investors, holding their hands through their investment journey and helping them develop the type of investment habits and behaviour that will grow their wealth over time, and

3. Helping EasyEquities develop and Thrive as a platform so that we can continue to make investing easier and less exclusionary and further spread the word.

So we took those elements and bundled them up rather splendidly (well we think so at least) in our new loyalty program called Thrive. 

We want our Investors to Thrive, while we Thrive.

It's a win-win situation contained in a beautiful virtuous circle. 

So you now know what it is, but How does Thrive work?

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