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Do I get rewarded in any way if I refer a new EasyEquities client?

Yes you do indeed. Over the years EasyEquities has grown a huge legion of fans and we like nothing more than when one those fans let's a friend / family member know about the site. And so we like to reward those loyal fans.

This only applies to the ZAR account

The way we do this is by EasyMoney, a type of currency specific to the EasyEquities platform. 

How does it work? Well basically, each time you successfully* refer a friend, we'll credit your account with R50-worth of EasyMoney.

Each time you buy or sell shares on the platform, any EasyMoney you have will be deducted from your brokerage fees. So effectively, you're getting brokerage-free trading.

You can find your EasyMoney balance by clicking on the Profile menu (little red circle) in the top-right of the screen, as highlighted in the image below, where your EasyMoney balance will be displayed at the top of that expanded menu


A successful referral requires the person you refer to the site to:

1. Register an account

2. FICA their account

3. Deposit funds

4. Place a trade

As soon as he / she has completed those 4 steps, the platform will automatically credit your account with R50-worth of EasyMoney. If you are expecting an award of EasyMoney to your account and it hasn't happened, the likelihood is that your referree hasn't completed the 4 steps above, so please check in with them and give them a gentle reminder to place their first trade.

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