How do I refer someone to EasyEquities?

To refer people and take advantage of the opportunity to earn EasyMoney, you can either:

1. Click on the 'Share the Love' option in the horizontal navigation menu (top-right) as highlighted in image below. This will take you to the 'Refer a friend' page. You can also reach the same page by clicking on the following link -

Once you arrive on the Refer A Friend page, you will find tools (in the form of clickable links) to help you with the 3 ways you can invite friends as follows:

a. Posting an invitation on your Facebook page

b. Tweeting an invitation to your followers

c. Emailing an invitation to your contacts

Please note: If nothing happens when you click this option, it means that the operating system on your PC / device is not setup to understand to open the hyperlink in an email program. To setup your windows to do this (which will ultimately help you on other websites all over the internet), you can read this FAQ article - Email an invitation to contacts doesn't work


2. Simply give your EE number / UserID ( the letters EE followed by 5-6 digits) to the person you are referring and request that they enter it into the "Referred to EasyEquities" field on tab 2 of the online registration, as highlighted in the image below

  • You must be logged in to your account in order to be able to refer a friend.
  • In order for EasyMoney to be allocated, a referred person must open an EasyEquities account and complete the following steps:
a. Open an account.
b. Fund their account.
c. FICA their account.
d. Place a first trade.
If you have referred someone but not received your EasyMoney, the likelihood is that your referree has not completed the above steps so please help us out and send them a gentle reminder.