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What is Thrive? 

Thrive is EasyEquities’ loyalty program, designed to guide you in the best investment habits, and in return, earn up to 100% discount in brokerage on the Thrive stocks.

Thrive Fee

Starting November 30, 2023, the Thrive R25 monthly fee will be applied to clients below Thrive Level 3. The fee will be deducted from free cash. If there's no free cash, Shares may be sold in August and February. Thrivalists (Level 3 and up) are exempt and enjoy added benefits and brokerage discounts.

Here’s a breakdown of how the Thrive challenges are done:

For the full Thrive Rewards challenges and to check your Thrive level, please review this page 

If you achieve (and thousands in our community do) a level three or above, you pay no Thrive fee. If you are 21 and under or 65 and over, no fee. Deposit more than you withdraw (R1 deposit and withdraw nothing – yep, that qualifies) and no fee, and you get benefits like 100% free brokerage on any thrive stocks (YES, 100% Free) when you reach all your Thrive goals. Discounts all around! How amazing is that!?

Check out this link - 

Deposit more than you withdraw

Deposit money into your EasyEquities account every month and ensure the total amount you deposit during the month exceeds any money you withdraw from the platform in the same month. By maintaining a positive net deposit balance for the month, you earn 3 Thrive levels progress, which qualifies you as a Thrivalist and unlocks associated benefits, including a 30% brokerage discount on Thrive Stocks the following month.

Platform Evangelist
Becoming a platform evangelist by investing in more than one platform, such as EasyEquities, EasyCrypto, and/or EasyProperties, is a powerful way to secure your financial future. By leveraging the unique strengths of each platform, you can build a resilient, diversified portfolio that paves the way to financial freedom. Maintain a positive balance in 2 or more platforms for the month to unlock a 10% brokerage discount on Thrive Stocks for the following month. 
Product Commander
Product consumption within the EasyEquities platform is a strategic approach to enhancing your investment portfolio. By utilizing products like having an active EasyCredit Account, active EasyProtect Policy, purchasing a Bundle or Basket in the month or using EasyFX during the course of the month, you can optimize your investment strategy, manage risk, and access global opportunities. Use one of these products during the month to unlock a 10% brokerage discount on Thrive Stocks for the following month.
Clients who max out their tax-free savings accounts will be eligible for Thrive Level 3 for the rest of the tax year and receive 30% discount in brokerage on Thrive stocks until the end of the tax year. Start saving smart and reap the rewards!
Refer and Earn
Invite one friend or family member to join EasyEquities each month using your unique referral link and earn 3 Thrive Levels and 30 discount in brokerage. This automatically qualifies you as a Thrivalist, granting you associated benefits. 
•"Successfully join" simply means that the person you refer must complete our client onboarding process, which takes less than 5 minutes. Upon completion, they will receive a R50 Deposit Voucher to kickstart their investment journey, and you will earn R50 EasyMoney while adding 3 Thrive Levels of loyalty for yourself including a 30% brokerage discount on Thrive Stocks for the following month. 
•For more information, visit our Refer and Earn pages for details on how to refer, where to refer, tracking, and more. 
•Find additional FAQs on referring and earning in our associated FAQs
•Explore our FAQ on EasyMoney and how it works.
Visit the EasyEquities Academy and complete this month's lecture, answering the accompanying easy questions to level up your Thrive status 1 and earn a 10% brokerage discount on Thrive Stocks the following month. Dedicate just 5 minutes of your time each month to explore this free knowledge base. It's a valuable resource to refresh your memory or discover new insights about the fascinating world of investing.
Donate for Good
Are you buying or selling stocks this month? If so, you can make a positive impact on someone else by participating in Donate For Good and earn an additional Thrive Level including a 10% brokerage discount on Thrive Stocks for the following month Since its launch, EasyEquities users have donated over R1 million to more than 45 organizations, such as Gift of the Givers. These organisations may change, so if you wish to nominate a good cause, please get in touch. Visit our Donate For Good articlefor more information on how to participate and more.

For more information on Thrive, please get in touch with us by submitting your request here.

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