How do I find my EE number / user ID?

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Each account type that you have on the EasyEquities platform (Eg: TFSA, ZAR, RA, etc), has its own unique account number. 

The format follows that shown below, with the first number string that follows immediately after the letters 'EE' and before the hyphen / dash being used to identify the EasyEquities account belonging to each specific client, while the number string which follows the hyphen / dash is used to identify the specific account (ZAR / TFSA / RA) you are transacting in. 


In the above example, the xxxxxxx represents your user ID and will be the same no matter which account you are transacting in. If you log a query or engage with one of our agents, this is often the number you will be asked to give in order for them to assist you. 

The yyyyyyy number will be different depending on the account you are transacting in. You will have a different number in this space to represent your TFSA, ZAR, RA, USD or AUD accounts.

Here is how to find it:  

  1. Make sure you have the correct account selected (eg ZAR, TFSA, USD etc) and that you are on the "Account Overview" page on your account. 
  2. The account number displayed in the middle of the screen under the heading: “Here are the ins and outs of your account” is your EE number. 
  3. You’ll also find this reference number highlighted in red on the "Deposits" page of the account into which you want to deposit the funds.

TFSA Transfers

If you are transferring your TFSA from another provider to EasyEquities TFSA, you'll need to enter your User ID into the transfer form. In this case, we only need the numbers after the letters EE and before the minus sign / hyphen. You must enter this 5-6 digit UserID in the blocks provided on the form.

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