What happens to my EasyEquities account if I die?

We have an Estate Late process that occurs once an Easy account holder has died. It is therefore imperative that you have outlined your wishes for your funds and holdings in your Will and Testament. 

A family member or the estate executor will need to submit a ticket with the following documentation so we can action the estate late process. 

1. Certified copy of death certificate / and stamped ID (confirming death)

2. Certified letter of Executorship

3. Certified copy of ID / Passport / Driver’s license of executor

4. Bank details of the estate (Stamped by the bank) 

5. Copy of utility bill of executor (showing physical address)

6. Resolution (if more than one executor) 

7. A written instruction regarding the funds and the account from the Administrators / Attorneys of the Estate.

Transfers into another EasyEquities account

Should you wish that the portfolio be transferred to the beneficiary’s Easy account then we require a Will and Testament and a completed and signed Change of Beneficial form.

We require new and updated certification that is stamped and dated so we can assist further.

Once we have all the above, we can carry out the instructions indicated in the Will and Testament and send you the updated statements of the deceased account.

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