What is Two-Factor Authentication and How Do I Activate It? (2FA)

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Besides using a unique username and password, EasyEquities now offers the option of adding an additional layer of protection for your account in the form of ‘Two-Factor Authentication’, or, 2FA.
2FA is a method of authenticating you as the account holder and granting you access to your account only after you have successfully presented additional ‘evidence’ that verifies you are the rightful owner of the account.

We bring 2FA to the platform in the following way:
- The ability to use an external ‘Authenticator’ (usually an app you can download on your phone)

In addition to your unique username and password, you can now add this additional layer of protection to keep your account even more secure.

You can change these settings anytime by navigating to the top right profile menu and selecting “Two-Factor Authentication”

Here you’ll be able to change your password and add or manage your two-factor authentication set-up. By selecting “Manage Two-Factor Devices” you can register an authenticator (examples: '2FAS'; ‘2FA Authenticator’; ‘Duo Mobile’; ‘Google Authenticator’; ‘Last Pass’; ‘Microsoft Authenticator’ etc)

Tip: if you find the app not linking when copying and pasting the code you receive when you are setting up 2FA, please try entering the 6 digit code manually.

How to remove 2FA:
You will need to unlink your account from the authenticator app. To do this, navigate to "Two-Factor Authentication"  and then "Manage Two-Factor Devices": click the red cross next to "Authenticator App"; enter the 6 digit code from your authenticator app, and 2FA will be removed from your account.

If you are unable to log into your account, check out this FAQ or log a ticket here

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