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When should I call the trading desk?

You should call the trading desk in 3 different situations as follows:

1. You would like to know what the live price of a particular instrument is on the exchange and to have the trading desk execute your trade at that price. You will be charged a fee of R50 for telephone trades like this.

2. You experience a system 'limitation' on the value of the instrument you would like to buy or sell - see explanation below.

In order to keep our costs low and make the platform as intuitive and easy-to-use as possible, our EasyEquities platform is an execution system rather than an order entry system.

If you are doing a transaction of R10 and the system limits you to R8, you are able to transact R8 and then the remaining R2. This means you can do multiple transactions. Depending on the value of the transaction, you may be charged a fee of R50 for "limit" transactions through the trading desk. 

3. In certain Corporate Actions functions to trade your position as outlined by the Corporate Actions team. 

We are in effect an intermediary between our Investors and the exchange. As such, we have had to build certain ‘limits’ (transactional and daily) on the instruments we are able to offer, to ensure that when a client issues the purchase instruction on the website, that we are then able to go to the market at a later time and execute that exact trade.

If you experience a limit like this in your attempts to buy/sell a particular instrument you can call our trading desk for assistance and they will place the trade on your behalf.

Please inform them when you get through, that the reason for your call is that you are experiencing a system limitation on the platform.

You can call the trading desk between the hours of 09h05 and 16h40 daily on 010 141 2202 or send an email to the trading desk with the following information 

Your EE Account number 

Your Cell Number 

For any questions on a specific corporate action, please email our corporate actions team at

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