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In your account settings you have the choice of: 

1. Having fees which are charged for a trade (buy or sell) added to the value you would like to invest (Excluded), OR  

2. Including the fees charged for a trade (buy or sell) in the total value invested (Inclusive).


The examples are based on a trade of R100. Excluded I would like the total value I input for a trade to exclude transaction fees (eg. R100 will be invested in the instrument but I will be charged R100.63) Included I would like the total value I input for my trade to be inclusive of transaction fees (eg. I will be charged a flat R100, BUT only R99.43 will be invested in the chosen instrument).


The fees selection does not apply to the debit order fee, which will always be added to the total cost after normal fees regardless of the default value selected

To change your default fees setting on the platform: 

1. Select the 'Account preferences' option from the menu on the Red profile icon in the top-right of the page, as in the image below. 

2. Choose the desired option under the Transaction Fees section.

3.To complete the action, you must click on the "Save" button and to the bottom-right of the page.  

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