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At this point in time, you cannot update all the information on your profile on the platform yourself. 

We are considering changing this in the future, but at the moment, if you would like to change your address you will need to contact our client services team by submitting a ticket. 

Please include as much of the information below so our team can do the necessary checks to make sure it is a valid request: 

  • Proof of address. You can take a look at the examples mentioned in this article for a valid form of proof of address.  

  • The email address on record with us 

  • Your residential address 

  • Name of the bank where your bank account on record is held 

  • Your username 

  • Your cellphone number on record with us 

  • Your ID number

Submit a ticket

You’ll need to include your UserID when you log a query. Read where to find that, here.


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