How can I change my bank details?

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In order to change your banking details or add an additional bank account: 

Under your profile settings - you will find the "Bank Info" tab. 

The description is for yourself only. This can be something like "My SA bank account" 

1. The country tab is where you choose where the bank account is situated. 

2. Currency of Bank Account is where you want the bank details to be linked to (eg ZAR/USD/EUR/GBP) this is where your banking details will show up when you want to make a withdrawal.

3. Bank Name - The name of the bank. 

4. Bank Account Type - Eg. Savings / Cheque

5. Branch Name - Always put in UNIVERSAL.

6. Branch Code - Use the UNIVERSAL Branch code associated to the bank in table above. 

7. Click Create.

You can refresh your page and see if the bank details have been verified. 

Once loaded, your bank details will go through our automated verification process which can take up to 48 hours to complete. Please ensure your new banking details are in the name of the EasyEquities account holder, we, unfortunately, do not verify bank details in the name of a third party.

Please note, on new accounts, you must have funded your account OR set up a debit order before the account will go through the automated verification process. 

For USD and AUD accounts, please submit your latest bank account confirmation letter and we will manually verify your banking details.  

Please note African bank accounts are not AVSR-supported on the platform and can not be verified. 

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