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Thrive is EasyEquities’ loyalty program, designed to guide you in the best investment habits, and in return, earn up to 100% discount in brokerage on the Thrive stocks.

There are 4 different activities that each gives you their own level of reward if you complete all the tasks in the activity.

When will I receive the discount?

If you complete an activity the relevant discount will be applied for the following month. Your current month discount is visible on the Thrive page.

Do I need to do all the activities to receive a discount?

No, you don't. Completing any of the activities will secure the discount received for that activity.

How do I check-in with my portfolio?

All you need to do is log in to your EasyEquities account at least once every 2 weeks. You cannot complete this task by logging in twice on the last day of the month.

Why is there only one lecture in the Academy for Thrive Education?

We will be adding new lectures every month.

If I refer more than 1 person will I get an additional discount?

No. 30% is the maximum discount you can get for the Community & Social activity. You can check our the referrals page to see the status of your referrals.

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