How much money do I need to invest with?

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EasyEquities has created a platform that is for everyone! We have democratised investing and made it DIY and easy-on-the-wallet. You can invest with whatever amount you have, be that R10 or R1000.  

This is because EasyEquities allows you to invest in a portion of a share, while still getting the benefits of being a shareholder. This is called Fractional Share Investing and we’re the only ones who offer it in South Africa. Even though a share’s price might be, say R1000, you’re able to invest in and own R100 of that share. Because of Fractional Share Rights, even if you don’t have the amount needed to invest in one whole share, it doesn't mean that you can’t invest in it at all. Head to this article here to learn more about Fractional Share Rights. 

You can also find a guide to depositing funds here to get you started.


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