Why can I not buy the entire amount I want of a particular instrument?

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The number of shares available for purchase (or sale) on the EasyEquities platform may vary from share to share and be subject to a maximum amount or value per transaction. You can do more than one transaction to achieve a position size larger than the limit, however, this will be subject to the liquidity available on the underlying exchange.

We actively measure the liquidity of each underlying share and these results dictate what these limits should be as we need to ensure that we are able to purchase (or sell) as many shares as our investors are buying (or selling) via the platform.

Given that we act as an intermediary between our investors and the exchange, we are ultimately subject to the liquidity available to the market on the exchange.

For a definition of liquidity, please visit our Glossary.

Naturally, a low transaction limit will highlight an illiquid share and vice versa. An illiquid share will also generally display a wider price spread (i.e. the difference between the buying and selling prices). Please note EasyEquities may from time to time adjust these limits as the liquidity profile of each share changes.

Relevant trading limits are displayed on each instrument’s trade ticket on the platform.

Should you experience a limit on a particular security and want to buy more of the security than the platform will allow at one time, you are able to do multiple buy transactions to reach the desired total amount you want to buy.  

You also have the option of contacting our trading desk who will be able to assist you, but at an additional cost. If this is your preference contact tradingdesk@purplegroup.co.za between 09:05am - 16:40pm Monday to Friday (business days), stating that you are experiencing a system limitation and they will assist you to buy the desired value. 

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