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The EasyEquities platform has been designed to be user friendly and intuitive, so even though this might be new territory for you, once you get going you'll find investing to be an easy and simple process. Head over to the Invest Now page where all the magic happens. A step-by-step guide on how to invest can be found here


You will need to deposit funds into your EasyEquities account before you can make a purchase. You can find a deposit guide here.

Some tips about buying

If you wish to buy anything outside of market hours, this will create a buy instruction and your transaction will take place when the market opens again. A guide to creating a buy instruction can be found here. In this case your buy takes place as a Market Order. This means that you cannot specify the price you would like to buy at and will receive the best price in the market at the time of your transaction.   

EasyEquities is a DIY investment platform so we do not provide any financial advice to our clients. Our mission at EasyEquities is not just to provide you with an intuitive platform that is easy-on-the-wallet, but maybe more importantly to provide you with a wealth of relevant information to help you on your Investment journey. 

New to investing? 

Check out our library of blogs for beginner investors here. 

Curious about what to invest in? 

Visit our research portal where we post expert analysis, market trends and in-depth information on South African and international shares as well as Exchange Traded Funds.  

Browse through your investment options here.

Video guides and webinars 

Our YouTube channel has everything from live Q & A's to educational videos to help you get the best out of your investing experience.  

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