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EasyEquities offers a range of products to suit everyone’s needs and wants. We're always finding new and innovative ways to help our users achieve their financial goals. Here is a list of different kinds of investments you can make on our platform.  


By offering up and selling parts of its ownership, a company can use the money generated from the sale of those parts to do more, make more and be more than what it is. As the name suggests, those parts that are up for grabs (at a price), are called shares. Or stocks. Or equities. Our online investment platform allows you to purchase shares at a slice of the price. Literally. You can buy shares in your favourite companies with whatever money you have to spend. This is because we offer fractional share rights, which means you can now buy a part of a share instead of the whole thing.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

At a first glance an ETF might look a bit like its distant relative: a unit trust. But unlike its cousin, this portfolio of different shares, bonds, and other instruments can be traded on stock exchanges (like the JSE) as one instrument. The most common ETF’s are designed to track the performance of a market benchmark or index by mirroring the makeup of that index in a portfolio. Get research and more info on ETFs here


The EC10 token is a crypto token linked to the value of the EC10 Index. The EC10 Index holds the top 10 crypto currencies as assets. It works exactly like an ETF or a unit trust which holds a selection of underlying assets in a fund structure. The difference is that this investment instrument is a token, and does not trade on an exchange.

You’ll be able to invest in this token, the same way you would invest in shares on our platform. With any amount you’ve got, and 15 minute delayed prices. The EC10 is a package of ten crypto currencies all rolled into one. 

Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs) 

ETNs are exchange-traded debt instruments that give investors access to a wide spectrum of assets. The investor lends money to the issuer of the ETN, usually a bank, and then receives a return based on the movements of a specific benchmark. Benchmarks can be based on interest rates, commodity prices, bonds,  a currency or a selection of shares. Read more about ETNs here


EasyProperties is an online platform offering investors access to fractionalised shares in new and existing property developments. The platform was created to democratize property investment and to allow investors at all levels to gain exposure to quality property assets. Read more about EasyProperties here.

Unit Trusts

A unit trust fund is a portfolio of investments that has been divided into units. Each unit is valued daily, based on the value of the underlying investment portfolio. Depending on the type of unit trust fund, the portfolio could consist of shares, property, bonds and other fixed income assets – both locally and offshore. At the moment, unit trusts are only available inside the EasyEquity Retirement Annuity, Preservation Funds and Living Annuity. Read more about unit trusts here


A basket is a collection of shares with assigned weightings which has been pre-selected by a well-known personality or pro! Unlike ETFs and equities, baskets are unique to EasyEquities but contain instruments that are listed on an exchange.  

If there is an item in your basket that you don’t want, you can take it out. However, you can’t put anything else back in, nor replace what you have taken out with other shares. 

If you remove any of the shares in your basket, the weighting will automatically re-adjust so that you still get 100% of the value you have put in. Each share purchased is invoiced individually and each will be included in your EasyEquities account the same way your other shares do on your account overview page. Read more about baskets here


A managed portfolio bundle is an investment portfolio that is owned by an individual investor but looked-after/managed by a professional money manager, which they receive a fee for in return. To check out Bundles on the website, use the 'Bundles' filter option under Investment Type filter. Read more on Bundles here.

Structured Products

These are packaged investment strategies which contain pre-determined potential investment returns based on a set of criteria being achieved. Often the basis for the investment is to protect capital and then provide for potentially better returns than what could be achieved in the market. Read more about structured products here

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