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A basket is a collection of shares with assigned weightings which has been pre-selected by well-known personalities, brands, investment clubs or asset managers. 

Basket creators are not to be mistaken with financial advisers or fund managers who offer client advice, and therefore the creation of baskets is not financial advice. 

A basket is not managed. Once a basket is created there is no further adjustments or intervention made to it by its creator. It is a once off investment, and the shares live in your account the same way other shares do – they are not ringfenced or separated because they are part of a basket.  

Can I add or remove shares in my basket? 

If there is a share or ETF in a basket that you don’t want, you can remove it. But you can’t put anything else back in or replace what you have taken out with other shares.  Some reasons why someone would want to remove a share that appears in a basket are: 

  • You may be a socially conscious investor who doesn't agree with a certain company's business practices 
  • You might object to holding shares in a particular company because of certain ethical or religious reasons 
  • You are a director of that particular company and you cannot buy shares because trading is in a closed period

If you remove any of the shares in your basket, the weighting will automatically re-adjust so that you still get 100% of the value you have put in. Each share purchased is invoiced individually and each will be included in your EasyEquities account the same way your other shares do on your account overview page. 

Why do I pay a Basket fee? 

This covers the intellectual property of the basket creator and the strategy they have put together.

Basket fees are charged as a percentage of the basket value and range between 0% and 2% of the basket value.

The basket fee is charged at an instrument level; hence you will incur a minimum charge of 1c per instrument included in the basket, and the fee per instrument will be rounded to the nearest cent. 

To view the fees associated with a particular basket: 

  • Navigate to Invest Now/ Invest 
  • Select Baskets under the Investment Type search filter 
  • Select a basket you would like to review 
  • Select About the Manager and Strategy  
  • View the basket fee within this drop down

What if a share in my basket is unavailable? 

If a particular share contained in a basket is unavailable or inactive at the time you wish to purchase that basket, you can either: 

Remove it from the basket and purchase the rest of the basket excluding that share, OR 

Wait until that particular share is available again, at which point you can buy the entire basket

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