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Why do I pay a bundle fee?

The bundle fees are charged to cover the ongoing management of each bundle and are charged in the following manner: 

1.Initial Bundle Fee: is a once-off fee payable in advance when you first invest in a particular Bundle for the ongoing management of each Bundle you hold and accrues at the beginning of each calendar year (1 January). Where you invest in a Bundle after 1 January, this fee will be reduced proportionately according to the number of days left in that calendar year.

2.Bundle Renewal Fee: is an annual management fee payable each calendar year on the first day of the year for the ongoing management of each Bundle you hold.

Bundle fees are charged as a percentage of the total Rand value of the investment and will range between 0.15% (15 basis points) and 2.0% (200 basis points) depending on the bundle invested in as outlined in the table below:

Bundle ProviderBundle NameBundle FeeRisk RangeAvailable in Investment Accnt.Available in TFSA Accnt.Link to Buy
Emperor Asset ManagementAconcagua Growth Bundle1% of the Rand value50 - 90YESYESBUY
Emperor Asset ManagementDenali Growth & Income Bundle1% of the Rand value35 - 70YESYESBUY
Emperor Asset Management
Elbrus Capital Preservation Bundle0.5% of the Rand value01 - 45YESYESBUY
Emperor Asset Management
Everest Aggressive Bundle1% of the Rand value75 - 99YESYESBUY
#Invest#Invest Aggressive Growth Portfolio1.25% of the Rand value75 -99YESNot AvailableBUY
#Invest#Invest Conservative Income Bundle0.85% of the Rand value01 - 45YESNot Available

#Invest#Invest Growth and Income Portfolio0.95% of the Rand value35 - 70YESNot Available

#Invest#Invest Growth Portfolio1% of the Rand value50 - 90YESNot AvailableBUY
BizNews.comSA Champions Portfolio1% of the Rand value
75 - 99YESNot AvailableBUY

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