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You can invest in cryptocurrency on EasyEquities via the EC10 Crypto Asset Bundle. The EC10 is a bundle of the top 10 crypto assets weighted by market capitalisation which is operated by DCX Capital and includes BTC, ETH, XRP and others. 

The EC10 Crypto Assets are held in a highly secure institutional grade custody solution by FWT Nominees for the safety of customers. Instead of placing different buy orders for each Crypto Asset separately, the EC10 allows you to place a single buy Order and you will be issued with the Crypto Assets listed in the EC10 in accordance with the Rand value of your Order. If you wish take control of the underlying Crypto Assets in the EC10 which you own, the value of your investment in the EC10 must be at least R1,000,000.00 (one million Rand). DCX will then transfer to you, the underlying top 10 Crypto Assets in proportion to your investment value to your designated crypto asset wallet address, which must be in your name and made available to DCX in writing and authorised by signing a transfer request form. 

The price of the EC10 is based on the value of the underlying Crypto Assets. 

EC10 is a high-risk investment, please ensure that you read and understand all the risks associated with this investment in the EasyEquities Terms and Conditions. 

Crypto Assets are currently unregulated in South Africa. This means that EasyEquities does not act as an authorised FSP when allowing you to buy and sell the EC10. 

When investing in the EC10 Crypto Asset Bundle you are also agreeing to the terms and conditions of provider of this product, being DCX Capital, which can be found here

You’re able to invest in this crypto bundle, the same way you would invest in other products on our platform; with any amount you’ve got, and 15-minute delayed prices.

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