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How do I transfer my portfolio to EasyEquities?

Transferring your portfolio from your existing broker to EasyEquities can be done by following these easy steps:

  1. Visit and register an account. You will be issued with an EasyEquities User ID which starts with EE.
  2. Determine whether when you make the transfer to your EasyEquities account, there will be a change in Beneficial Ownership. You can reference this SARS document explaining what is seen as a change in beneficial ownership, or consult your broker.
  3. If there is no change in beneficial ownership - download and complete this Share Portfolio Transfer Instruction Form.
  4. If there is a change in beneficial ownership - download and complete this alternative Change in Beneficial Ownership Transfer Form.
  5. Remember to insert your 5/6 digit EasyEquities User ID as the reference on the transfer form.
  6. Remember to choose whether you are transferring your entire portfolio, or only certain shares (in which case list those shares in the table on page 2).
  7. Send the Share Portfolio Instruction form to your existing broker and request that they action the share and cash transfer.
  8. Send a copy of the Share Portfolio Instruction form as well as your latest portfolio statement to We need a historic portfolio statement in order to assign a base cost to the shares that are transferred. Without this information, the base cost of your shares will be set at zero.

Unfortunately, we have no control over the transfer process until your existing broker has transferred your shares and cash. You will need to follow up with your existing broker with regards to the status of your transfer request. As soon as we receive the shares and cash we will allocate them to your EasyEquities account.

Should you have any queries regarding your transfer please send an email to

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