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What is the difference between the EC10 Index, EC10 Bundle and EC10 Token?

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EC10 Index

A Crypto Asset Index, maintained by DCX Capital, that tracks the performance of the Top 10 largest Crypto Assets (by market capitalisation) weighted by market capitalisation.

The EC10 Bundle

A portfolio of Crypto Assets, managed by DCX Capital on your behalf. The portfolio constituents include all Crypto Assets included in the EC10 Index. When an investor purchases an EC10 Bundle, they are purchasing the underlying Crypto Asset constituents that make up the EC10 Bundle.

EC10 Bundle Token

Our partner DCX employs an ERC20 smart contract token on the Ethereum blockchain as a reconciliatory policy of the total EC10 Bundles in issuance. This is used as a measure of accounting to calculate the EC10 Bundle price and to account for fund inflow and outflows.

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