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What risks are involved with purchasing The EC10 Crypto Asset Bundle

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Crypto Assets are an extremely high-risk investment. Prior to investing in Crypto Assets, please ensure that you read and understand the risks associated with the investment. To assist you in understanding some of these risks, we have set out a non-exhaustive list below which sets out some of the main risks associated with investing in Crypto Assets: 

  • Crypto Assets are extremely volatile, and you can experience large fluctuations in value over very short periods of time. This means that the risk of loss when Trading Crypto Asset can be substantial and your investment in Crypto Assets could lose all of its value.
  • Crypto assets are currently unregulated in South Africa. This means that there is no regulatory oversight and regulatory protection when investing in crypto assets.
  • Crypto exchanges may be vulnerable to hacking, theft and other malicious activities.
  • Crypto assets are part of a new and rapidly evolving industry which is subject to a high degree of uncertainty. 

You should, therefore, carefully consider whether such investment is suitable for you considering your circumstances and financial resources. You should not invest more than you are prepared to lose. Please ensure you understand the risks involved with Crypto Assets and please read the EC10 terms and conditions before purchasing any EC10.

Please consider the following questions prior to investing in Crypto Assets: 

  • Am I comfortable with the level of risk? 
  • Do I fully understand the investment being offered to me? 
  • Am I protected if things go wrong? 
  • Are my investments regulated? 
  • Should I get financial advice?

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