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What price do I get when I buy or sell on EasyEquities?

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Prices displayed on the website or the EasyEquities platform are 15-minute delayed prices or may be the previous day’s closing price for that security as quoted by the recognized exchange.  


A 15-minute delayed price is displayed (unless a price update is requested) but your order will always take place at the live market price.

The price you bought/sold a security at will be available for viewing after the confirmation of the purchase/sale on the EasyEquities platform. If you would like to check the price you received for any of your transactions, you can look at the "Confirmation of your transaction" email that is sent to you when you sell/buy an investment.

When is the share price displayed taken from?

The share price displayed is the price of the security at the end of the previous trading day.

Can I view live prices on the EasyEquities platform?

You can view live prices on the Easy platform by using EasyCredits. This will allow you to see a snapshot of the live price before you buy/ sell a security. You can purchase EasyCredits directly from the platform. Here is a guide on EasyCredits

 What are the different order types on the EasyEquities platform?

 EasyEquities allows you to place different types of orders when buying or selling on the App and Web Platform. You can change your Order Type settings under Account Preference from the My Profile tab. 

Market Orders

This is your account default and means that when you place an order your will get the Buying At or Selling At price that is live in the market at the time of your transaction. You would use this option if you are happy to pay the current market price when doing your order and want your order to take place immediately.

Basic Orders

These allow you to select either a Market Order or a pre-set Limit Order. The pre-set Limit Order price will be set at the price you see on the App or Web Platform when completing your transaction. You'd use this option if you want to ensure that you get the price (or a better price) that was displayed to you and not the live market price at the time or transaction. If the price is higher (when buying) or lower (when selling) your transaction will pend until that price is reached again or until you cancel the pending transaction.


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