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When will I be able to view my Tax Certificate?

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Tax certificates are downloadable from 1 April up until 31 May each year

We aim to provide these within 14 business days after the Third Party submission closing date.

Need your tax certificates sooner?? 

1. Clients will be notified on “Provisional” tax certificates uploaded onto the platform by 31 March

2. These certificates will bear the word “Provisional” until such time that we submit the tax data to SARS towards the end of May;

3. Once the data files have been finalised and submitted to SARS, final tax certificates will then be uploaded onto the platform and the “Provisional” tax certificates will be removed.

What are Third-Party submissions? 

Third-Party Providers such as Banks, Medical Schemes, Fund Administrators, etc are required by law to send certain client data through to SARS each year. The information supplied will enable SARS to maintain its own record of your investment-related activities during the tax year. Third-Party Providers are required to submit bi-annual submissions of this data to SARS. An example of the information submitted to SARS is interest income (IT3B) as well as profit or losses realised on the sale of securities (IT3C).

When does the tax season open up for me to submit my tax returns?

The opening of the tax submission season is announced by SARS each year. You can follow the SARS website for an update on this.

Have more questions? Please log a ticket and we will aim to provide you with any additional information. Please note, we do not give Tax Advice and you should seek advice from a tax Consultant or check out this FAQ on Tax Tim.

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