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What reference should I use when transferring funds by SWIFT transfer?

The reference you should use on SWIFT transfers is the full account number for your EasyEquties USD account.

When logged into the EasyEquities website, your account number, can be found, either: 

1. On the Deposit page of your EasyEquities USD account, just below our CitiBank bank details, OR

2. One you have selected your EasyEquties account from the account ribbon, at the top of the page (as shown by the clear arrow in the image below, the accoun number is visible to the right of the screen, below the account ribbon as shown by the solid black arrow in the image below. 

PLEASE NOTE: An example of the reference to use on your deposit is EE123456-78910

This example account number above is only an example, your full account number will look different.

The account details, (shown by a black arrow in the image above) look like this - EE123456-678910 - and are made up of the following 4 distinct elements:

  • EE123456 - the letters EE followed by the first string of 5-6 numbers - this is the users EE number - which tells us which client has made the deposit (Ie. this number is unique to each client).
  • - A hyphen or minus sign separating the two strings of numbers
  • 678910 - the 2nd string of 5-6 numbers - this is the users trust account number - which tells us which one of a particular clients account to put the client funds into.


1. It is critical that you use the correct account number as reference to ensure the funds are allocated to the correct account. 

IF the deposit reference is incorrect, this will almost without fail cause unnecessary and potentially frustrating delays to the allocation of funds which may mean you miss out on an important trade.

2. The two (2) number strings described above have been purposefully left out of the image so that you don't mistakenly use those in error.  They are only used as an example.

Your account will contain your own unique numbers.

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