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Investing in your TFSA

Once funded, you can start investing in your TFSA in just a few easy steps:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Select Invest Now at the top of the page
  3. Make sure you have your TFSA account selected on the account selector.
  4. Select an exchange traded fund (ETF), basket or bundle to invest in.
  5. Choose one of the preselected amounts or enter your own amount
  6. Select the option to either do a recurring investment or a once-off investment (you can do as many once-off investments as you like)
  7. If you choose a recurring investment you'll need to confirm all the details about when and how you'd like your investment to happen. If you choose a once-off investment you'll simply confirm your transaction.
  8. Select the invest now button or the continue button.

How will investing impact my annual contribution limit?

The only value to monitor for these purposes is the amount you deposit.

The growth of your investment has no impact on your annual or lifetime limit. So if you were to deposit R10 000 into your TFSA, it would have no impact if that investment grew to R15 000. You would still have only used R10 000 of your annual contribution limit.

It also doesn't matter if you change the make-up of your TFSA portfolio either. If you for example sell an ETF that you currently have in your TFSA and buy another ETF, it will not impact your contribution limit.

Why am I not able to invest in equities in my TFSA account?

Legislation states that you can only invest in a collective investment scheme. The available instruments for you to invest in on EasyEquities which comply with this requirement are in the form of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), baskets or bundles. This also means your risk is spread and your portfolio diversified.

Can I transfer an ETF which is in my ZAR account to my TFSA account?

No, you can't transfer an ETF from ZAR to TFSA. You can either sell in ZAR and transfer the funds to TFSA and buy there, or just buy again in your TFSA.

If I don’t invest up to the R36 000 annual TFSA limit per tax-year does the limit rollover?

No, unfortunately not. There is no rollover with limits

By way of example - if you contributed only R10 000 in year 1, you cannot contribute R56 000 in year 2 to make up the deficit from the previous year. 

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