Yes of course. The current (April 2018) fairly limited universe (as the US exchanges have a huge universe) of instruments (shares and ETF's) available in our USD offering, is not in any way intended as the full universe of instruments we will offer.

When we launched the USD offering we initially picked a host of popular well-known (and highly liquid) shares that we knew our clients would want, and in addition to that, crowdsourced a whole bunch of additional instruments by offering clients that participated in our launch game to tell us what they'd like to see on the platform.

Since launch we have added a host of extra instruments that have been requested by clients and expect to continue adding to the offering. We are unlikely to offer illiquid instruments and penny shares, but where our brokerage partner 'stocks' an instrument and our risk department are happy to offer that instrument on the platform, we will add it.

Should you wish to see a particular instrument on the platform, please just send us through a request and we will run it through the approval process and try and if okay, try and get it onto the platform as soon as possible for you.