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How long does it take for an EasyFX transfer to reflect?

An EasyFX transfer between any of your accounts can take up to 48 hours.
The amount of time it takes for funds to reflect really depends on when you made the transfer.

We process these transfers at a specific time window each day:

  • Open: Mon 9h30 - Close: Tue 9h30
  • Open: Tue 9h30 - Close: Wed 9h30
  • Open: Wed 9h30 - Close: Thu 9h30
  • Open: Thu 9h30 - Close: Fri 9h30
  • Open: Fri 9h30 - Close: Mon 9h30

All times quoted above are GMT or GMT+1 during British Summer Time.
GMT is a time measure that remains constant throughout the year.

You can check on what time that would be in South Africa by using this converter.

If you made the transfer before or during one of these time windows
You can expect to see it reflect on that same day. This is usually 2 hours after the close of that time window, but to be safe, give it at least 24 hours.

If you made the transfer after one of these time windows
Your transfer will go through on the next business day. It's important to remember that weekends and public holidays are not business days, so if you made the transfer on one of these days, you need to take into consideration that it could take extra time to reflect.

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