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Features and platforms

We're always finding new and innovative ways to help our users achieve their financial goals. Here's a list of our features and platforms that make it possible.

Fractional Share Rights

Always wanted to own a share in a company but when you saw the price you looked at your screen and thought "Yoh! I'll need to refinance the house to buy that"? Well not anymore. EasyEquities lets you buy a fraction of a share so you can still have access to all the companies you know and love.


You're a savvy investor and looking to build a diversified portfolio with shares on exchanges in other countries. EasyFX lets you easily take money offshore to invest in those markets.


Our loyalty programme that rewards you for having good investment behaviours. Get up to 100% off your brokerage when you Thrive with EasyEquities.

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InvestSure is a world-first insurance product that protects investors from losses in share price that are caused by allegations of management fraud or dishonesty. This includes (but is not limited to) protection against losses caused by fines from regulators like the SEC, collusion, bribery, accounting fraud and more.


The gift that keeps on giving. Buy your friends and family a voucher that they can use to invest in their favourite brands or ETFs through EasyEquities.


Our informational site about all things ETFs, created to help you find the best ETF for you!

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Customised investment plans that turn your personal dreams into achievable realities.

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Fractional investing now meets property. 

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