What are the differences between EasyEquities and the GT247.com platform the Purple Group offers?

EasyEquities is a unique investment platform enabling users to invest in securities through an easy and intuitive website that employs innovative means to keep costs to a minimum, giving users the most value for their investment.

Investments in securities on the EasyEquities platform include:

  • Whole Shares
    We act as an agent for the issue of whole shares, where the investor is the registered owner of those shares, entitled to dividends, participation in corporate actions and all the economic benefits and risks associated with share ownership.
  • Fractional Share Rights (FSR's)
    We act as principal to a contract for difference (CFD) issued to the investor, where the investor will have a contractual claim against GT247.com to the economic benefits and risks associated with share ownership (price movements and dividends) without having ownership rights in the underlying share. Fractional share rights (FSRs) which are issued through a contract for difference, are an over the counter derivative. Unlike whole shares, FSRs do not carry any voting rights. As an investor with an FSR in a particular company makes further investments in FSRs in that company and ultimately ends up with a whole share, the contract for difference is closed out and ownership  of a whole share is delivered to the investor.

By comparison, the GT247.com platform is designed for the more advanced investor and offers a variety of different trading platforms to cater for complex financial instruments like CFD, Futures & Forex and Equity trading platforms.

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