What are locked funds?

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When you contribute funds to your EasyEquities account by way of a debit order or EFT, we lock-up up those funds for a period of time. The time periods for these locked funds periods are below:

Credit or Debit card deposit - 10 days

EFT deposit - 14 days 

Debit order deposit - 40 days 

Inter-account transfer - 40 days 

Promotional vouchers - 3 years (not applicable to vouchers you purchase and send on EasyEquities) 

These rules regarding withdrawable funds are contained in our EasyEquities Terms & Conditions. 

It is important to note that some of these protections are put in place to protect the health and longevity of the business and as importantly with that, our clients and their holdings. If we allow ourselves to be defrauded due to sub-par business practices, the effects on you, our client, could require unnecessary changes like increased costs, less variety of choice/functionality and an altogether less Easy experience. 

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